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  • Off Road Club Race

    7 August 2022
  • Electric On Road club race

    14 August 2022
  • Nitro On Road Club Race

    28 August 2022
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Welcome to Meyerton RC

Welcome to Meyerton RC Clubs’ Website, please feel free to browse our site for upcoming events and archives of past events.

A bit of background info: The founding meeting was held at the home of Henry Ogden, that is adjacent to the tracks, on December 10 th 2008.




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Meyerton RC Raceway Racing

Our Costitution


  • a. The name of the club is MEYERTON RC RACEWAY
  • b. The name was compiled in such a way that it would identify the region where it is situated and associate it with the town MEYERTON.


  • a. The club is by law a person that can function independently of its members and thus may purchase and sell, hire and rent and engage in any transaction in the name of the club after obtaining permission from the committee members.
  • b. The responsibility of the individual members is limited to unpaid membership fees.
  • c. The club will operate as a non-profitable body and all assets will be utilized to further the aim of the club and its members.


  • a. The club’s main objective will be to encourage and promote the 1/10, 1/8 scale RC car racing in a fair and friendly manner, in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the SOUTH AFRICAN RADIO DRIVERS ASSOCIATION. ( S.A.R.D.A)
  • b. To co-ordinate and administratively control all facets of radio controlled nitro / electric on- road and off- road model car racing in the Vaal Region.
  • c. To give every member and/or new driver the opportunity to practice how to drive his RC car.
  • d. To cater for all levels of driver skills; to accommodate from novices to professionals.
  • e. To communicate with other bodies and clubs to promote the sport and encourage achievement at the highest levels.
  • f. To accommodate all the events on one venue, e.g. off-road, on- road, oval racing, drifting and drags.
  • g. It is also the intention of the club to awaken public interest in RC racing.


  • a. The club recruits its members from persons who own their own RC cars, whether it is electric or nitro, off- road or on-road and who are interested in competing in RC racing in an organized manner.
  • b. The members will elect committee members to further and safeguard the interests of the club.


  • a. Committee members will be elected at the general meeting which will be held towards the end of the year i.e. second half of November.(Members may be re-elected)
  • b. The newly elected officers will be required to serve with the old committee members until the annual general meeting which will be held in the second half of January each year.
  • c. Management will consist of:
    - Chairman
    - Vice-Chairman
    - Secretary
    - Treasurer
    - Race organizer
    - Three committee members
  • d. The members present at this meeting form a quorum and the majority vote is final.
  • e. The running of the club is the responsibility of the elected officers (management). Chairpersons may take initial decisions, but these decisions will not be binding unless approved by majority of the committee members.
  • f. The chairperson can also be re- elected.
  • g. The secretary and a treasurer must also be elected by the members
  • h. The above mentioned officers will be known as management who will be responsible to further the goals and objectives of the club. No binding decisions may be taken before permission from management is obtained at a formal meeting and such decisions must be minuted and countersigned by management.
  • i. A quorum for any management meeting will be five members or more. Decision will be taken on a majority of votes.


  • a. Members will be defined as persons whose annual membership fees are paid and who are in possession of a valid receipt.
  • b. Honorary membership will be awarded to institutions promoting the intention of the club and this decision will be taken by management.


  • a. Membership fees will be determined by management and can be increased or decreased as voted for. Membership will run for one year starting in January or in July. Member paying in January will renew their membership fees in December and those paying in July will renew their membership fees in June.
  • b. Membership cards shall be issued as proof of membership.
  • c. Full amount is payable
  • d. Reminders will be send to members by e-mail or sms.


  • a. Application for membership will be done on an official membership form accompanied by the membership fee.
  • b. No reason will be made public on denying membership to a person but in such cases, all monies will be refunded.


  • a. A financial year will run from 1 November to the end (30) October. A six monthly financial statement will be published and shall be open to all members.


  • a. The committee shall keep a bank account in the name of MEYERTON RC CLUB where all incoming and out going money shall pass through..Such an account must have at least two signature bearers ; one of which should be the Chairman and the current treasurer.
  • b. An accurate book keeping system must be in place to keep true accounting of the finances in the club.
  • c. An up to date balance sheet must be available at the annual general meeting for inspection
  • d. All expenses of the club must be approved at a meeting of the management and such minutes must be properly signed by the Chairman and committee members present.


  • a. The income of the club will be derived from membership fees and race entries fees, as well as other means of income via other legal and acceptable means to promote the sport. And if possible, to recoup some of the owner’s capital lay- out.


  • a. At least one annual general meeting shall be held, preferably in the second half of January.
  • b. The proposed activities of the club will be planned.
  • c. The meeting will introduce the elected members.
  • d. Matters deemed important by the Chairman may be discussed if prior notice there of was given in writing on the agenda. The agenda for the meeting may be altered before the meeting, but may not be compiled at this stage.


  • a. Senior management may at any time (with in 14 days notice) call such a meeting.


  • a. A quorum will be set on the following conditions:
    - A quorum consist of at least 5 members
    - Chairman
    - Vice chairman
    - Committee members
  • b. If a quorum is not present the meeting will be postponed for two weeks. If a quorum is still not present, the chairman, vice chairman and 3 additional members will serve as a quorum.
  • c. This procedure and time taken must be noted in the minutes of the meeting and must be counter signed by all present.


  • a. Notice of an annual general meeting will be given in writing or E-Mail to all members’ last known address in not less than 30 days in advance.


  • a. Minutes must be kept on all senior management and management meetings and must be signed by the chairman.
  • b. The treasurer will be required to keep financial statements, which must be available to senior management at any time. The treasurer must submit a complete financial statement at the annual general meeting..


  • a. Any member who submits to unacceptable conduct, can after an investigation by senior management, forfeit his membership.
  • b. Persons who forfeit their membership will immediately lose all privileges offered by the club and such person must immediately return all club property in good condition to the Chairman.


February 2019 Off Road club race

8th scale Buggy class:

The biggest surprise of the day was the performance of a newcomer, Benno Spangenberg.  He showed up at the track only once or twice in the past few weeks, acquiring only a few hours of practice. And then he entered an official race with drivers with many, many years of experience.


About Us

It all started when Hendry received a nitro HPI Savage Monster Truck for Christmas 2007.  Were he and his wife was invited to share a family gathering in Secunda.

Hendry’s brother – in – law, that invited them, would normally take out his RC car during our hot and sunny weather in SA’s festive season and race it in the street that he lives. Being a collector of classic cars for many years and owing about 12 cars, Hendry never got around getting himself a remote controlled car.  But because Anette’s brother had one, and Henry’s wife didn’t want him to stand and watch her bother playing with his RC car, with him not being able to join in the fun,  she got him his first RC car that Christmas. Within one week after Christmas, Hendry went and got himself a Mercedes on road car as well. The
rest is history…. He was hooked!

“I had a lot of fun driving these two cars up and down my paved driveway, but soon got tired of hitting trees and parked vehicles in my own yard. I then took my lawnmower and cut myself a very primitive “track” on my adjacent, empty plot.” Hendry Ogden

Hendry managed to steer the Savage on the path through the long grass and existing humps and enjoyed it more and more. Passers- by noticed what he was doing and asked if they could join him. The result was that the path through the field became wider and longer, until he decided to find out what a real off road track’s dimensions should be. Anette and Hendry then started to use every opportunity to go and look at every track that they have learnt about. They also surfed on the Internet to gain more knowledge about RC tracks.   At first they found it extremely difficult to obtain info about specs and such, but we soon found the Internet to be an inexhaustible source of information. There biggest obstacle was to know how to use the search engines.  Many nightly hours in front of the computer and many months of hard labour later, a proper off road track was built.  Six months later they started an on road track that also includes a drag strip.  It was completed within 4 months.
Then the 2.4 meter high and 12 meters long driver stand then came along and so did the toilet facilities. We now gladly share this with the community.

The on road track is 4 meters wide and has a total length of 225 meters.
The off road track is 4 meters wide and has a total length of 348 meters.
The drag strip is 46 meters in length.

Both tracks are now affiliated at SARDA

Accommodation near the Meyerton RC track(s):

Plaaskombuis ( www.plaaskombuis.co.za )
Plaaskombuis is a superb guesthouse that is situated in a tranquil surrounding on a fabulous farm, that is a mere 4 kilometers from the very heart of Meyerton

The Village Guesthouse, less than 20 km away from RC track
Henley – on –Klip ( www.villageguesthouse.co.za )

De Klip Guesthouse

Meyerton South  ( www.deklip.co.za )
Nestled on the banks of the Klipriver, in Meyerton (Vaal Triangle),

Vereeniging Formula1 Hotels - about 10 km away from track ( www.formula1hotels.co.za )

Bed & Breakfast Guest Houses

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