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    12 January 2020
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    26 January 2020
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    19 January 2020
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Welcome to Meyerton RC

Welcome to Meyerton RC Clubs’ Website, please feel free to browse our site for upcoming events and archives of past events.

A bit of background info: The founding meeting was held at the home of Henry Ogden, that is adjacent to the tracks, on December 10 th 2008.




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Meyerton RC Raceway Racing

March 2019 Nitro

Nitro GT club race March 2019:
Once again a fun filled club race day at Meyerton Raceway.


Tamiya Cup @ Meyerton Raceway

Tamiya cup 9 March 2019

A pleasant event, although it was very small for a Tamiya Cup, that used to draw about a hundred entries in the past.


Feb 2019 Elec On Road

This was one of those nice summer time local club races that nobody complains about: Not too small, but also not so big and busy that race control and the drivers were under stress. Obviously we are able to handle big crowds, but a smaller group of drivers every now and then is always a bonus.   I overheard the drivers mentioning that it is nice to sometimes just enjoy a calm and peaceful day at the track. All the hustle and bustle can be tiring at times.

It was nice to have had Louis Nortje back after what feels to me like a too long break.. due to work and other family related issues.

Henry, track owner, decided to sit this one out, because with all the power outages in our country and specifically Gauteng, he had been so busy lately that he couldn’t find the time to work on his cars.

Then it was also a race meeting that Esmarie Geyser will remember for a long time to come. Achieving a 2nd place on the podium in the 21.5 touring class is way more than what she expected of herself so soon.

Well, you did it, Girl. Way to go!

And another exceptional thing about this past weekend’s race was the absence of a beginner class.

Ruan Visser entered for beginners, but as he was the only one, we just informed him that he will be racing with the TTO1 class. And according to the results, it didn’t pose a problem at all. We’ve seen the progress that he has made since he started RC racing a couple of months ago and we knew he was ready…and he is now also aware of it and will not go back to beginner class next month. He’s got the self-confidence now.


TTO class: Overall:

  1. Louis NortjeBest lap -  21.88sec
  2. Erich van Rooyenbest lap - 22.91sec
  3. Ruan Visserbest lap - 22.38sec

Electric Mini Overall:

Francois did not compete in the qualifiers, due to a car problem and Mike Miscia did not compete in the Finals, because he was chatting away with Henry about nitro cars and did not hear the announcements.

  1. Louis Nortje Best lap - 22.39sec
  2. Francois Geyserbest lap - 22.82sec
  3. Leon van Rooyen   -  best lap - 22.07sec
  4. Mike Miscia best lap -  20.90sec


540 Touring: Overall:

  1. Piet du ToitBest lap -  19.34sec
  2. Rolan Ferreirabest lap - 19.44sec
  3. Marchel van Rooyenbest lap - 20.65sec
  4. James Theronbest lap - 21.96sec
  5. Graham Wrightbest lap - 20.63sec


21.5 Touring Overall:

(Piet encountered problems with his personal transponder – not all his laps reflected)

  1. Leon van Rooyen Best lap - 18.88sec
  2. Esmarie Geyserbest lap - 19.62sec
  3. James Theronbest lap - 20.48sec
  4. Piet du Toitbest lap -  18.75sec
  5. Marchel van Rooyen best lap - 19.92sec
  6. Mike Misciabest lap - 19.76sec

Best presented RC body of the day went to Piet du Toit.



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