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  • Off Road Club Race

    3 July 2022
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    17 July 2022
  • Nitro On Road Club Race

    31 July 2022
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Welcome to Meyerton RC

Welcome to Meyerton RC Clubs’ Website, please feel free to browse our site for upcoming events and archives of past events.

A bit of background info: The founding meeting was held at the home of Henry Ogden, that is adjacent to the tracks, on December 10 th 2008.




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Meyerton RC Raceway Racing

Team Magic RTR Semi-Pro Kit

Team Magic RTR Semi-Pro Kit

Most of us have heard people saying "I would really like to race RC cars but, it is so expensive". If this is what you were saying then, we have the solution for you. Most people don't want to spend the thousands of rands (even up to R15 000.00) for their first RC Racing Touring Car. I know I didn't. Instead, I bought an RC car for the same amount as the NEW Team Magic Semi-Pro kit but, got a lot less value and quality for my money. I always battled to get parts, there was just never enough motor performance (and I didn't even have the option to upgrade the motor), the handling of the car really sucked and overall the quality of the car was just not up to scratch.

The NEW Team Magic Semi-Pro kit is the ideal RC Touring car to start your RC Racing Hobby with. You basically get everything you need and would find in a pro-kit with some minor short-comings. The standard motor that comes with the New Team Magic Semi-Pro Kit is a .12 motor, the same as the pro-kits, which gives you the option to upgrade to another motor should you wish to do so. Meyerton RC Raceway also has all parts and upgrades available for the New Team Magic Semi-Pro Kit.

So, for ONLY R4,800.00. This is a real steal. Contact HENRY OGDEN 082 442 6147 (Track Owner) to order your 1:10 Nitro Touring Car NOW!

Car - 1/10 Nitro - 4WD Touring - RTR - Team Magic G4JR (Touring Car Body) (Starterbox needed)
Team Magic G4JR – Ready To Run & Ready To Race

The G4JR comes 95% factory assembled. It saves a considerable amount of construction time which means you're up and racing as quickly as possible. The main objective of a ‘ready-to-run’ car is to help take away the hard decisions a beginner can sometimes be faced with. Is this the right motor? Are these the right servos? A dream come true: the G4JR is simply the best RTR kit available.

Team Magic G4JR Main Features:

  • Great Value
  • Based On The European Champions Car Design
  • Three Belt Transmission System
  • Front & Rear Quick Release Bulkhead Design
  • Front & Rear Gear Differential
  • High Grade Alum. Chassis & Radio Plate
  • Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
  • Quality Threaded Shocks
  • Lightweight ED Transmission System
  • Flying Wing Suspension Arm
  • Dual Laydown Servo Design
  • Quick Release Fuel Tank
  • Universal Joint Included
  • High Efficiency Brake System
  • Two Speed Transmission System
  • 3 Shoe Clutch System
  • Fully Upgradable
  • SH 12 Class Engine
  • H.A.R.D. Radio Set (Made by Futaba)
  • K-Factory Pre-Painted Touring Car Body
  • Powerful In-Line Pipe Set
  • Mounted Rubber Tires

G4JR Main Spec:

  • 1/10 200mm Nitro Sedan
  • Length: 373mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Wheelbase: 257~261mm
  • Weight: 1725g


Team Magic RTR Semi-Pro Kit

Team Magic RTR Semi-Pro Kit

Two Wire transponders stay


Good news:

Just to put your minds at ease; After speaking to TRAP Raceway as well as Zwartkops Raceway and obviously discussing the matter in depth with the drivers, we have decided not to upgrade our timing equipment. All our drivers can rest assured that the 2 wire transponders that they have already invested (big) money in, will still be used at all three obove mentioned tracks.

Happy racing! 

Hope to see you all at the next race meeting.


Henry Ogden

September 2019 Nitro On Road club race


Not a big race and not the best race ever, but nevertheless a nice relaxing day of outdoor activity.

At least there wasn’t a repeat of last month’s blowing of glo plugs… Luckily not, because that would be the end of many a driver’s patience and driving spirit.. shame.


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