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    12 January 2020
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    26 January 2020
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    19 January 2020
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Welcome to Meyerton RC

Welcome to Meyerton RC Clubs’ Website, please feel free to browse our site for upcoming events and archives of past events.

A bit of background info: The founding meeting was held at the home of Henry Ogden, that is adjacent to the tracks, on December 10 th 2008.




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Meyerton RC Raceway Racing

Re-opening after Lockdown

Hi Guys,

Meyerton Raceway’s tracks will re- open this coming Sunday, June 14th.

The gates will be open from 9h00am , as per usual for fun days.

We will be operating according to the the Covid 19 rules and regulations and therefore ask for your co-operation.

No Masks - No Entry

And please bring along a small bottle of sanitizer for your own use.

The track will also provide one or two sanitizing stations.

Regarding the table spaces under the carports: Blocking off every alternative space, the track will now only be able to accommodate 13 drivers.

We suggest you look at online entries to see how many will show up. If there seem to be more than 13 entries, rather be safe and bring a gazebo, table and chair with you.

Further we will only allow 6 drivers on the driver stand at a time, to adhere to social distancing rules.

As you may know by now, the tar track was revamped recently and we hope that you will find it acceptable, if not totally satisfactory.

The next 6 month series will start in July.

Revamp of Tar Track at Meyerton Raceway




Some exciting news!!

Meyerton Raceway's tar track is under construction for almost a week now...

They are busy fixing what needs to be fixed...

The track will not be ready this coming weekend, but we are confident that we will start accommodating drivers on Sunday June 14th.

We will ask Andre Steenekamp to open an entry form for us, although it will only be a Fun day... Not that we are so supercilious that we expect hundreds of drivers, but as they say: Curiosity killed the cat. We would rather play safe and adhere to Covid 19 regulations, in case lots of guys rock up to check out the revamped track.

Please bring own gazebo and sanitizer spray or soap, if at all possible, to do your part in social distancing.

Tables under carport will still be available,  but spaces will now be seperated, and subsequently limited, for your own safety. 






Set-up clinic



Set-up clinic  -  March 1st, 2020 at Meyerton Raceway

Plan of Action:

I will be at the Meyerton RC Raceway from 9am to assist drivers, current and future, to setup their cars to have the handling and performance to be competitive in club races. I will assist all race classes on road, off road, electric and nitro.

Things I will look at are the issues driver experience when racing, be it under steering in the corner, or over rotation on corner entry and so on. Having a car that is predictable and do what the driver wants, is the key to being consistent and consistency is the key to improving your lap times.

Timing system will be available at the track so that we can see the impact of the changes made to the car setup. I will have a quick discussion on terms and solutions to common problems at 10am.

Hope to see you there.


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